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Extension of the music school of Saint Sébastien sur Loire

Project manager : Vignault x Faure.


The study is carried out in the rehearsal rooms for amplified music (with modular reverberation), the auditorium (with the constructive principle of "box in the box" and modular reverberation) as well as the recording studio and controlled acoustic diffusion).

Arrangement of the Development zone in the commune of Fouillet

  • Noise measurement in the current state,
  • Acoustic modeling,
  • Study of scenarios

the Preliminary Measurement before the construction of line 2 of the Lima metro

The study consisted of a series of noise and vibration measurements at the exterior and at the foot of the dwellings to determine current levels.

The measurements have been focused on particular buildings considered to be sensitive (Parroquia de Carmen de la Legua, Palacio de Justicia and the water tower of  Sedapal).

Vibro-acoustic study for the Lima metro line 1

Vibro-acoustic study for the Lima metro line 1

The study consisted of simulations with the software dBtrack ©and  the vibratory impact linked to the construction of a viaduct at the nearby hospital of Rocca Fernández Essalud.

This study included:

  • Measures to characterize the rolling stock
  • Measures of soil transmissibility
  • Measurements of vibration noise at the foot of the hospital Rocca Fernández Essalud and in front of the most sensitive devices
  • A simulation of the site
  • The search for solutions to reduce the impact of the future viaduct 
Étude d’impact acoustique d’une ZAC-serdB

Acoustic impact study of joint development zone

  • Initial sound and vibration states
  • Assessment of the vibration impact on buildings
  • Calculation of future noise impacts
  • Countervailing measuring recommendations

Replacement of the air conditioning system

  • Measurement of residual noise
  • Choice of equipment
  • Calculation of future noise impacts
  • Compensatory measures proposed
musée à VANNES serdB


Construction of the edutainment museum in Vannes as well as its  4D cinema, restaurant and exhibitions

Project manager: ENTRE-SOLS


  • Complete Acoustic study
  • Site supervision and reception
Restructuration du passage de la Châtelaine Nantes-serdB


Restructuring of the passage of Chatelaine Nantes

Project manager : GMAA: project management for the design and implementation


  • Full acoustic study
  • Follow up, monitoring and commisioning
  • Additional Mission: residual noise measurement
  • BREEAM Certification